Cash On Tap Mobile Game


The idle game where having the most is always better.

The Goal

Cash On Tap is a free Android game. The idea is simple, have more money than everyone else. Because more is always better right?

Play Without Playing

You will earn money even if you do nothing, that’s the beauty of Cash On Tap. It works very much in the tradition of ‘idle games,’ which means even when you are not playing, it is still counting up that money on your behalf.

Decide How You Want To Play

When you feel like boosting that cash, there are options you can buy using the money you earned to increase that pile of cash.

Remember To Bank That Cash

When you reach $1t, it will stop earning you money until you bank that cash, and then it starts again.

Show Off Your Fortune To Friends

Want to boast to your friends? Great! There is a share button built right into the game. Compete against each other and everyone else to have the most.

There Is A Road Map

The plan for Cash On Tap is an ever evolving game based on player response and play style.